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Over the past 40 years, many things have changed about OCCC: the buildings, the programs, the carpeting — even the college’s name.

As the school continues to grow and evolve, it ushers in one change after another. Even now, the skeleton of a behemoth theater looms behind the VPAC building. Baby trees encircle campus in what will one day become a circle of greenery.

OCCC is always changing, and for the most part, it’s a great thing. But one not-so great thing is the college’s recent decision to ditch the slogan “In it for me at OCCC” for “Now is Power.”


The “In it for me at OCCC” motto fulfilled all of advertising’s cardinal rules. It made sense, it was catchy and most importantly, it was impossible to hear it and not know what institution the advertisement was for.

“Now is Power” shares no connection with OCCC, making it impossible to distinguish from any other slogan out there.

It sounds like the battle cry of a laundry detergent, a diet plan or even a supremacist group — not a respectable college.

It also could sound off-putting, even when applied in collegiate terms. Yes, college students are the poster children of procrastination.

Whether it’s doing our homework, filling out scholarships or enrolling in the first place, many of us have a knack for doing it at the last possible minute.

But never forget there are plenty of individuals out there who would like to live for the “now” but simply cannot.

Not everyone can afford to go to college, even a more accessible one like OCCC and other community colleges. Others may have the money or other financial means, but personal problems may keep them from attending.

If “Now is Power,” where does that leave them?

“In it for me at OCCC” was a simple slogan with a resounding message.

It told prospective students they should go to OCCC to better themselves. It was empowering, and welcoming to students from all age groups and walks of life. It told us that yes, we could do this. But now, from billboards erected in and around the metro area to posters dotting campus walls, we’re being told that “Now is Power.” It tells us that if we hit any bumps along the way, we’re just out of luck, because the power is now — not in the future.

Why fix something that wasn’t broken to begin with?

Most companies don’t change their slogan every few years. Nike has used “Just Do It” for more than 20 years and it’s still instantly recognizable. And anyone who has spent Christmas in Oklahoma has heard BC Clark’s unforgettable jingle, which was first produced in 1956 and continues to play every December.

Companies should find a slogan that works for them, and stick with it. That’s something OCCC had — but they didn’t do.

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