No True Scotsman – Grant Swalwell

Liberal Islamophobia is more demeaning compared to other flavors. Can you imagine dedicating your life to a cause, only to have the people you’ve sworn Jihad upon to blame themselves? That must be so frustrating. You and your buddies have put a lot of work into this, you’re finally gonna take out some infidels, then after your bomb vest doesn’t go off you have to see the culture you hate self flagellate for having violence inflicted on it. Why can’t people treat their beliefs with respect? It probably offends them being told they aren’t muslims and have nothing to do with Islam. No no no, you did this because of colonialism, this is our fault, WE’RE sorry. You can debate psychology and sociology all you want but only a soft western ‘progressive’ feels comfortable blaming their society’s xenophobia on an individual’s choice of martyrdom. I wasn’t aware westerners can dictate to other people’s what they believe and why, in fact that pretty directly contradicts identity politics, but all the other things contradicting identity politics doesn’t seem to phase its proponents.  

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