Nintendo scores with latest game ‘Rhythm Heaven Fever’

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What do baby seals, colorful birds, monkeys, and golf clubs have in common? Normally, nothing. However, Nintendo’s newest U.S. game release,“Rhythm Heaven Fever” brings all of these rather odd things together in a big way.

The game is largely centered around music or rather, the beat of the music. The game name suddenly makes sense, no?

The game itself is bright and cheerful and really makes you concentrate on your rhythm.

I found the game to be incredibly fun. My girlfriend was even interested in watching me play.

The game itself is deceptively easy. Press a button — maybe two buttons if you’re lucky.

But it’s a lot harder than the button layout suggests.

The games get more and more challenging the farther you go, to the point that if you make three mistakes, you fail the challenge entirely.

That being said, even with the greater difficulty, the reward is that much more satisfying just because of the little scenes telling you how well you’ve done.

Overall, there are 50 games that you can earn medals on and those are just the main ones.

Medals are like currency in the game, and having more unlocks the chance to do perfect challenges, as well as other games such as endless games and rhythm toys.

After a certain point, you unlock two player mode, which while it doesn’t involve all 50 games, it does have a lot of them.

Overall, the game is an absolute blast and is worth the money spent. You should take your time to enjoy the game, as it’s one of those games that if you go through it in one sitting, it will only last a day.

On the brighter side, that one day could be stretched out to weeks depending on if you manage to nail the games in one go each time, which I doubt is possible, save for those who have an extremely good sense of timing.

Rhythm Heaven Fever costs $29.99, and is worth every red cent.

You don’t even need to be playing to be entertained by the game. It’s just as fun to watch as it is to play, and the box even says that.

Rating: A+

—Robert Bolton

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