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Allison Britton, Student Life; Angela Guiterrez, College Democrats vice president; and Mary Newcome-Hatch, Kappa Beta Delta officer, listen to Amy Reynolds (off frame) discuss the finer points of recruiting.

On Thursday, Feb. 2, Student Life began a workshop series designed to help the leadership of OCCC’s student organizations.

The workshop topic was about recruiting new members and was lead by Amy Reynolds, assistant director of Student Life.

Reynolds said the idea to start the series came about because they “realized that Student Life was providing resources at the beginning of the semester, but if [they] provided more then that would help clubs be more successful.”

The workshop opened with discussion of the largest recruiting event that OCCC student organizations typically participate in, the Organization Fair.

“It was a very successful Org Fair,” Erin Logan, Student Life director, said. “We averaged 33 member sign-ups at each table.”

Some suggestions given at the workshop for recruiting included setting up information tables, asking professors about announcing events in class, getting the club sponsor involved, and co-sponsoring events with Student Life.

One thing the workshop stressed was the importance of turning to Student Life for assistance.

“If you need help with something, that’s why we are here,” Logan said. “It’s kind of our job.”

Responses from students present were also positive.

“I feel it gave me more ideas of what I can do to recruit,” Angela Gutierrez, College Democrats vice president, said. “Especially doing things with clubs that you wouldn’t expect.”

Michael Sutherland of Kappa Beta Delta said, “It was like most things here. I’d like to see more people somehow involved.”

“It was solid for a first meeting,” Logan said. “We hope for more involvement in the future but the turnout was good.”

Allison Britton, a student from the University of Oklahoma and Student Life intern, said she enjoyed the workshop.

“It allowed for student organizations to become more effective,” Britton said. “I was excited to be a part of the discussion.

“I think things discussed are transferable and can be adapted to a lot of different kinds of event planning.”

For more information about the Student Organizations Leadership series, or to join a club, contact Student Life at 405-682-7523 or visit

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