New Technical Writing Class Set For Summer Semester at OCCC

Oklahoma City Community College is bringing technical writing to campus.

A hybrid technical writing course is being planned for the summer semester; and the class is open to students..

Dana Passek, a professor of English at OCCC, will be teaching the course. Passek is making the course a campus option in hopes of having more students and participants.

“The goal is for more students to be enrolled,” he said. “We need students, any student.”

Passek believes technical writing applies to everyone and is important to understand. He wants his students to learn to be adaptable and have a greater understanding of their degree and its connection with the real world.

“Technical writing is important. It is a bridge between earning your degree,” he said.

Each project, assignment, and activity assigned in the course gets students prepared for opportunities in life, during and after college. In the class students will learn about creating an appropriate resume and cover letter, properly writing emails and letters, creating one’s own website, making logos used for future projects, searching for jobs and job descriptions that pertain to the student’s major, interviewing for a job, and more.

According to the course description, this course will equip students with written, oral, and visual communication skills necessary for sharing information and discussing content in professional settings as well as develop an awareness of technical genres.

Passek believes technical writing will be so much more, so much better on campus, and also will provide students with guidance on a more personal level.

If the technical writing course during the summer semester is successful, staying longer on campus is a possibility.

Passek strongly encourages students to enroll and get involved.

“You are going to be writing in some way in any job,” Passek said, “Students won’t realize it’s important until it’s too late.”

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