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Jason Bourne and now Aaron Cross. As the “Bourne Legacy” trailers portray, there was never just one. “Bourne Legacy” director and screenplay writer Tony Gilroy made this evident in the newest “Bourne” movie.

Confused? You aren’t alone.

Turns out Matt Damon, the star of the earlier “Bourne” installments: “The Bourne Identity,” “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum,” is nowhere to be found this time out. He has been replaced with new agent assassin Cross, played by Oscar-nominee Jeremy Renner.

Not having ever seen the previous three “Bourne” movies fully, it was slightly difficult to understand all of the lingo being thrown around that “Bourne” fanatics probably easily pick up on but not so confusing that I couldn’t understand it.

So for people who may be in the same position, I suggest seeing this even if you have not had a “Bourne” movie marathon prior to heading to the theater.


It is a two hour,15 minute film but with Renner playing Cross, it makes it easy to lose track of time and get thoroughly immersed in the action. Renner’s latest film was Marvel’s “The Avengers” in which he played Hawkeye.

In 2009 Renner was awarded the Breakthrough Actor Award for his role in “The Hurt Locker.” He also received nominations for Best Actor, Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role and many other awards for his work.

Renner is going to be someone to watch out for as the roles he has played have helped shape him to be a phenomenal actor. His co-star Rachel Weisz, who plays Dr. Marta Shearing, only adds to the greatness of “Bourne Legacy.”

Weisz is known for portraying women of incredible spirit and intelligence. She is only one small portion of the large governmental project that this film is about but with the way the story goes, her small portion turns into a very large and important one. These two, along with the rest of the cast, make it a film to go see.

Almost the whole last hour of the film involves a thrilling chase through the streets of the Philippines which falls into a very open ending for what seems like will be another trilogy of some sorts, so keep your eyes peeled.

Rating: B+

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