New nursing professor happy to be back at OCCC

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When Jennifer Brumley enters the Nursing Process III classroom, students will be getting more than a professor. They’ll get a professor with real-world experience.

Brumley worked at The Oklahoma Heart Hospital South as the Critical Care Educator for a year and a half prior to coming to OCCC. She also taught at the hospital, she said, but instead of educating students, she was educating nurses.

After graduating from OCCC in 2002 with an associate degree in Nursing, Brumley said, she couldn’t wait to come back.

“It’s just a fantastic program.

“The simulation lab is amazing, and they put out really high-quality students.

“I’m very excited actually,” she said. “It’s a lot of fun. It’s different teaching people who are learning nursing as opposed to nurses who have already established their practice.”

While her area of expertise is in critical care, she will be teaching Nursing Process III, which focuses mainly on medical surgery.

Brumley will begin teaching when the course reaches that subject.

“I’m going to teach hepatic, which is liver, and I’m going to teach oncology, so that’s what I’m excited about this semester,” she said.

In the meantime, she is still very much a presence in the classroom.

So far, Brumley said, she has been shadowing professors and is becoming more involved in the course through clinical sites. She said she also is anticipating helping with other subjects.

“I’ll do some cross teaching. I’ll probably go do some lectures for [Nursing Process IV] on the things I know very well.

“I am here to facilitate students’ learning and hopefully get them started in a great profession,” she said.

Brumley said she never questioned if OCCC would be a good place to work.

“I just feel very at home here.

“I had a nice warm welcome from everybody and I’m enjoying it so far.”

To contact Brumley, email or call 405-682-1611, ext. 7342.

For more information about the nursing program, call 405-682-7507, or visit

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