New Hybrid Classes Offer Flexibility for Busy OCCC Students

Taking hybrid courses is a fairly new way to learn in college.

These courses are divided half in class and half online. Students are able to learn from their instructor in person, and also have the online aspect of doing class work, which can be flexible for busy schedules.

Class work has to be done in class, as online work has to be done online. Depending on the type of course and how many days a week class is held, the division of learning adheres to the professor. AH Center

Oklahoma City Community College English professor Makenna Green says the hybrid courses are the “best of both worlds.”

“In the Arts, English, and Humanities division we’re offering more classes in the hybrid format. They are some in the Mathematics and Child Development division as well.”

If a student has class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they only go to class on Tuesdays and finish the online portion on Thursday.

Green says with the in-class portion, it is very interactive, engaging, and hands-on.

“In English Composition, it’s not a sit-in lecture in hybrid classes. We see each other one day a week so we really have to be engaged,” she said. “Students are learning to depend on each other and seem to really enjoy the schedule. It gives students the opportunity to ask for all the help that they need and complete the ‘harder part’ of the class in person.”

Green said if a student is used to taking classes on campus it can allow them to take more because of the flexibility of one day.

“Because we’re only together for one day, attendance is paramount to success,” she said.

“Online works out well for working students. It’s really flexible and helps you go at your own pace.”

Green sends email announcements to her students so that they don’t forget about the online portion. She also opens all assignments for the week so they can ask questions if needed in class.

She said awareness is the only problem of the hybrid courses.

“A lot of people don’t know we offer them. All hybrid courses are coded with a ‘Y’ and people can overlook that.”

However, Green has encouraged the courses to be advertised in the Admissions and Academic Advising offices at OCCC.

“I’d recommend taking them for sure,” she said. “They’re the best in-class elements and the best online elements.”

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