New food service management says changes mostly in name only

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After seven years, OCCC’s cafeteria is assuming a new identity. As of July 1, what was formerly known as Carson’s is now operated by Consolidated Management Company.

District Manager Dan Wilbur said the company is an on-site, regional food service management company, with more than 38 years of experience in the service industry. Wilbur said not much has changed with the switch.

“The majority of the staff that was working here before are still going to be working here,” he said, “Catering will still be done by the same people. We also have the same management team with the exception of the chef.”

Wilbur said most of the food will remain the same but said Consolidated will incorporate some new menu items.

“Most of the food is actually the same,” he said. “… we’ll promote a different product every week.”

Food Service Director Corrine Aguilar added the cafeteria will be trying new things.

“We want to try and please all students the best we can,” she said, “We have new approaches to things like the salad bar and deli.

“We are going to be rotating different salads and deli items.”

Aguilar said most of the comments left in the suggestion box inside the cafe are from students asking that more healthy items and smaller portion sizes be added to the menu.

“They like to have a lot of healthy options so we try to make sure we offer fresh vegetables on the entree line everyday along with our fresh salads and our new wraps.”

Student Malcolm Frometa said he enjoyed a recent meal from the Smokehouse Grill.

“I was curious why they changed management but it’s pretty nice,” he said. “I really like it.”

The coffee shop in the Main Building will get some new items as well.

Wilbur said he plans to add hot entrees like cheese fries or nachos to their menu to appeal to both daytime and evening students.

“We are very much aware of the fact that evening students miss out on our services due to the cafeteria’s hours of operation,” he said. “We are trying to come up with ideas that these students would benefit from.”

Wilbur said there are some things that are different such as prices and portion sizes.

“Some things have gone up. Some things have gone down,” he said. “We also now group things and provide a lot of combos. It’s much cheaper for you.

“We definitely try to price things as comparable as we can to the market as well as make ourselves presentable to the students.”

OCCC student Patrick Pham said he eats a turkey sandwich from the area every school day.

“I hope they don’t change the prices,” Pham said.

Aguilar said Consolidated Management will promote their services throughout the year with things such as trivia games and daily specials.

“Let everybody know to have patience with us,” she said. “We are still trying to get everything perfect.”

She said they rely on student feedback to make this possible.

Wilbur said if something isn’t working, they want to know so it can be fixed.

“We are going to try things that may or may not work,” he said. “I encourage the students to leave their suggestions in the box inside the cafeteria.”

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