‘Neighbors’ a fun, light-hearted movie for all

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This past weekend I went to go see the highly anticipated “Neighbors,” starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogen.

I went into the movie thinking I would most likely be disappointed. I was very wrong.

This comedy is about a young couple who have just brought their first baby home.

Not long after, a fraternity sets up residence right next door.

The movie really takes off when the frat house gets too loud and the couple ends up starting a war with frat house leader Teddy (Efron) when they call the cops.

The frat house and the couple come up with crazy stunts and schemes to try and get each other to move throughout the movie.

The movie shows the young couple, and their struggle with raising a baby and having to grow up through the film.

The viewers start to learn a lot about Teddy, when his relationship with his best friend Pete starts to fall apart. Pete is studious and has a bright future ahead of him, while Teddy has spent no time on his studies and all of his time with his fraternity brothers.

The movie has outrageous scenes that will have moviegoers laughing in their seats.

What makes “Neighbors” great and not just OK is that, although it is a racy comedy, it also comes with a real life message for everyone.

It will have the older crowd thinking about the good days in college, and the younger crowd dying to get there and participate in the craziness.

The movie as a whole shows that college is a bubble and makes great observations about how different people perceive the college experience.

Viewers will also see what it means to grow up, and have to leave college, and the party, behind.

It is a fun, light-hearted movie that explores college and life after college, and brings it to the big screen in an excellent and hilarious way.

Rating: A+

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