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To the Editor

Do you need a scholarship? If so, the OCCC Foundation is pleased to announce that there are more than 30 scholarships currently available — ranging from $150 to $1,500 — to help pay for your education.

There are two scholarship applications that are due on Friday, Feb. 14 — theAlejandro Rendon Sanchez Memorial Scholarship (applicants must be Latino to apply) and the Safari McDoulett Endowed Memorial Scholarship (applicants must have graduated from U.S. Grant High School, Capitol Hill High School, or Northwest Classen to apply.)

Both scholarships are listed online with each having different criteria to qualify.

All other scholarships have a Feb. 28 deadline.

I encourage every student to fill out the online scholarship application and let the system automatically match you with the scholarships you are qualified for or you can apply for each scholarship individually. By filling out just one application, students can apply for all of the available scholarships. Those are:

Alejandro Rendon Sanchez Memorial Scholarship, Bartlett Memorial Scholarship, Black Student Association Scholarship, Bobby D. Gaines Memorial Scholarship, Cody Watkins Memorial Scholarship, Connie Nieser Memorial Scholarship, Derek Calhoun Nursing Scholarship, Marion Paden Endowed Distinguished Leadership Award, Engineers for Tomorrow Endowed Scholarship, International Student Association Scholarship, Jack Cain Memorial Scholarship, Kay Edwards Memorial Scholarship, Kayla Fessler Business Scholarship, Kenneth R. Nance Memorial Scholarship, Larry D. Golden Memorial Scholarship, Lea Ann Hall Memorial Scholarship, Linda Thornton Memorial Scholarship, Mary Ann Merz Memorial Scholarship, Mary Nell Scruggs Holton Music Scholarship, Matt Skarvala Journalism Scholarship.

Moore Service League Scholarship, OCCC Alumni Association Scholarship, Peter Wright History Scholarship, Robert P. Todd Leadership Scholarship, Rutledge Memorial Scholarship, Safari McDoulett Endowed Memorial Scholarship, Sechrist Family Endowed Scholarship, Sharon Robinson Memorial Scholarship, Southeast High School Scholarship, Susan Clowers Memorial Scholarship, The 11-10-02 Foundation Scholarship – EMT.

Apply at For more information email

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