Moroccan cafe tasty and smoke free


That’s the one word that singlehandedly describes Couscous Café, a Moroccan-themed restaurant located in the corner of 6165 N May Ave. in Oklahoma City.

After having visited it numerous times, I’ve at last come to the belief that Couscous Café meets all the qualities of a recommend-worthy locale.

It’s more than just a place; however. Couscous Café is an experience.

Once there, your senses are suddenly in an unfamiliar but ever-so-pleasant state of being.

Your ears are listening to the Arabic words and drum beats that make up traditional Moroccan music. Your eyes are discovering the look of traditional Moroccan décor. And, most importantly, your mouth is savoring the more-than-delicious tastes of traditional Moroccan cuisine.

Moreover, as though that weren’t enough, it’s smoke- and alcohol-free environment and its friendly service make for an ideal outing for the entire family, whether one full of meat lovers or vegetarians.

The menu encompasses a mixture of combinations you wouldn’t imagine. From original Moroccan salads and soups to Moroccan sandwiches and platters, Couscous Café is bound to have something you’ll fall in love with.

If you are yet to be sold, try their authentic Moroccan tea. Either iced or hot, you’ll never think any other tea as real tea again.

Couscous Café is currently the only of its kind locally. And, honestly, that’s all you’ll ever need. It’s genuine, I tell you.

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Rating: A

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