Military Student Association active

MSAMilitary service runs deep in Mary Allison’s family. Allison, deaf education major, said her great grandpa served in World War II, her grandpa in Vietnam, her dad in the Korean War, and three brothers are currently in the Air Force.

Because of that, she said, she’s happy to support the Military Student Association. She said it’s good to have a group who supports the military.

The club’s TLC representative LaDonna Wieland said one of her goals for the club is to help veterans, military members and their families with what they need.

“The main purpose is to bring support to military and their families,” Wieland said. “We are an association dedicated to supporting our military families and helping where we can.”

Wieland said she also hopes to bring in outside sources to answer questions and assist members.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring [in] representatives from the American Legion to help our veterans and families as needed to work within the community and find out what resources are available.”

Nursing major Gabrielle Black said she’s glad the club exists. Her great grandpa served in World War II.

“Anything of that nature and supporting anybody [in the military] is good to have,” she said.

Wieland said she’s trying to increase club membership.

“Approximately 15 people signed up at the campus club fair,” she said, but said she hopes more will join as the group moves toward being more structured.

Both Allison and Black encourage those who need help to seek that from a support group such as the MSA.

Wieland said anyone with an affiliation to the military is welcome to the meetings and to join the club.

“ … It’s not just military members, veterans and current military,” she said, “but family as well because we know how hard it is for the military family members to be outside the box.”

Wieland said she knows what is like on each level.

“I come from a military background,” she said. “I am third-generation female and several generations of military, period. I married military and my son is military.”

Wieland said the club is working to set up meetings every other Tuesday.

The next meeting is 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. March 6, in 2N5.

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