Meteorologist’s tips taken to heart

April 17, 2013 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff Print Print

Meteorologist Damon Lane from KOCO recently spoke on campus about severe weather. He gave many helpful tips and explained terms frequently used by meteorologists.

Listening to him speak, I realized that I expect those who report on the weather to always be completely accurate — especially living in Oklahoma where the weather changes faster than you can blink, I somehow have been expecting accuracy in weather predictions.

Lane said predicting the weather has come so far from what it used to be. He did say meteorologists can’t be 100 percent accurate but that technology is constantly improving the ability for meteorologist precision in weather warnings. Lane was funny and enlightening.

I now feel more able to understand weather updates and by extension be safer and more prepared.

One of his most important tips was don’t rely on sirens to plan for a tornado. Lane urges the use of social media to stay in touch with the current weather conditions. I will admit when I hear a siren I have to control myself from freaking out.

I have taken away information from the presentation that will help me and my family be better prepared. Lane said it is important to tell your children what county and what area of the county you live in. Many times the newscasters will send a warning out for a certain area of a county and many don’t even know that is where they live. Even our children need to be aware so they can be safer during severe weather when we, the parents, might not be with them.

Living in a state with crazy weather, I realize I have not taken weather preparations as seriously as I should. From now on I am going to be better informed and prepared.

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