Internship opportunities available for students

Students wanting to further their college experience may want to look into an internship said Student Employment and Career Services Director Debra Vaughn. Vaughn said while finding an internship can sometimes be difficult, her office offers resources that can help with the search.

“For our internships we primarily use Greater Grads through the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, Vaughn said. “We do have other groups that send us information about internships either by email or the phone or fax.”

Students can search for an internship by going to and clicking “find an internship.” Company descriptions, benefits and responsibilities are among the criteria students will be able to view on the website, Vaughn said.

She said she has seen the website have as many as 60 internship listings — all approved by the Education Department. — so there is likely something to fit most students’ needs.

“The student is looking at the internship role and those duties and expectations, but that company or organization is also looking at the intern,” Vaughn said. “It’s a two-way street and students need to keep that in mind. It will lead to a job opportunity if the company needs someone and the company meets their expectations.”

Vaughn said not all internships listed on Greater Grads will be available to OCCC students. Some require students have at least a junior standing. However, she said, pay attention to those anyway.

“It’s good to go ahead and start looking at these things as freshman and sophomores so you can put your plans together for the future.”

Vaughn said internships are a good way for students to learn more about their careers and to get embedded into a professional setting.

“It’s interesting because each of these internships speak a different language and people come to a college or university to learn that language,” she said. “Internships are a good way for students to test drive.”

Vaughn said searching online is not the only way to find an internship. A bulletin board located just outside the Student Employment and Career Services office is often filled with internship listings, she said. Vaughn said OCCC’s semi-annual job fair also is a good resource because not only do companies come to hire people, some have internships to offer as well.

“We want to give students ideas, links, and connections they may not have thought of,” she said. “By doing that, we are a resource to them.”

Vaughn said she loves helping students figure out a plan and encourages them to stop by the SECS office anytime. It’s located on the first floor of the Main Building.

“I enjoy talking with students because every student has a different plan, and if I can give them some information that will help them take those steps, then that’s what I like to do as a career counselor,” Vaughn said.

“Going to college is a lot of time, effort, and money, so the sooner we can find the career field that is the correct match, then everybody is better served.”

For more information on student internships visit or email Vaughn at

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