Makeup venture a necessity for acting class

So the other day I had to do one of the things that no man should ever have to do. No not the one you are thinking. The other. I had to buy makeup.

No I was not high on anything or dared to do it. I actually had to buy it for one of my acting classes.

Let me tell you, that was just a lot of fun — not.

I didn’t enjoy the experience one bit.

Growing up I had an older sister who wore makeup. I never asked any questions about it because I had no interest in it whatsoever. So when I went into CVS the other day it was like being in a foreign land.

I did not even know what shade I was. I am a guy and I am thankful for that. I do not think I can stress this enough: I DO NOT LIKE DEALING WITH MAKEUP.

While in the sea of makeup aisles I had a hard time finding the brush I needed and how do I know what kind of powder I need for my face?

I stood there like a dummy for a while and just looked at everything. The sales lady probably thought I was trying to steal her merchandise — I was standing there that long.

So after a nice 10-minute staring contest with the makeup, I finally swallowed my pride and asked for help, because let’s face it: if I did not, I probably would have wound up sitting there all day until they asked me to leave the store.

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