Main Building entry closed through tonight

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Construction crews work to repave the concrete sidewalk in front of the Main Building July 1. Chris Snow, Facilities Management assistant director, said the sidewalk’s rough slope is dangerous to those who walk on it. (Ethan Hendricks/Pioneer)

Students who use the college’s Main Building doors between the Keith Leftwich Memorial Library and the Welcome Desk will have to find other ways to get inside the building Monday, said Chris Snow, Facilities Management assistant director.

Snow said Facilities Management will be tearing up and fixing the outside sidewalk area beginning today, until late Monday evening.

The sidewalk is a danger to all who use it, Snow said.

“It’s rough and is a slip and trip hazard for students and faculty,” he said.

Snow said students will have to use the Main Building Entrance 2 or and Science Education and Math Center entries 1 and 2.

The cost of the sidewalk reconstruction is about $26,000.

“The money will be taken out of a student parking account,” he said.

Along with the entry construction, Snow said, other repairs are being made on the parking lots around campus.

He said that the total cost of all repairs being done is $132,781.

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