Looking for a unique gift to give?

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Everyone loves gifts — especially unique gifts. To be remembered as a great gift-giver, try leaving one of these gifts under the Christmas tree this year:

PRINTED T-SHIRTS: If you even have the slightest idea of what someone is into, you can find a T-shirt for it at 6dollarshirts.com. They sell T-shirts with funny dinosaurs, inside jokes from Seinfeld and logos from obscure video games. They have a shirt for every personality. Each shirt costs — you guessed it — $40.

EPIPEN: Fill out the form on epipen.com to qualify for a printable coupon for a free EpiPen — a fancy syringe containing a sweet dose of epinephrine, which can save a person from an allergy attack, or anaphylactic shock. If you know anyone with a strange allergy, they will be touched to know you are looking out for their safety. The coupon can be redeemed at various pharmacies.

COSTUMES: If there’s a young child in your family, you need to change your mode of thinking on their gift. Right now, Halloween costumes are as cheap as they will get all year.

Find out what their favorite superhero/princess is, go to costumeexpress.com, and get that costume. Spiderman is $15. If you think that little tot won’t wear it every single day, think again.

BUSINESS CARDS: No matter what a person does for a living, that job will seem 1,000 times cooler with business cards. At vistaprint.com, you can get a stack of business cards for your loved ones — for free.

FLIP FLOPS: One handy knick knack stands out as the perfect mom gift. Cafepress.com has watermelon flip flops. That is, they are flip flops with a watermelon design. There is not a woman over the age of 40 on this planet who would not freak out over these. If there were a symbol for motherhood, it would be a watermelon wearing flip flops. If you act fast, you can get them for $17.

GUITAR PICKS: What about that weird cousin you have who sort of plays guitar? Zazzle.com has personalized guitar picks. Whether his name is Gary, Cody or Alouicious, they can put it on a pick for $4.24. At that price, you might get one for yourself too and put it on a necklace.

TOILET PAPER: Don’t know what your loved one likes? There’s one thing that every person on the planet loves; thick, soft toilet paper. Quilted Northern Soft & Strong is $6 for a 12-pack. Sure, they might laugh when they rip off the wrapping paper, but they will be smiling in the bathroom for weeks. Quilted Northern can be found in any grocery store.

STOCKING STUFFERS: For free stocking stuffers, look no further than samples.target.com. Bookmark that page and visit it every day. They constantly have various free samples to give out.

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