Long lines, COVID don’t dissuade OCCC voters

Despite COVID-19 and long wait times, Oklahoma residents and students chose to vote in person at the Keith Leftwitch Memorial Library polling station Tuesday in the 2020 election.

The library represents precinct 228 in Oklahoma’s fifth congressional district. Most there said they weren’t concerned about catching COVID-19.

Oklahoma resident Randel Cooper, who said he was choosing to follow his parents’ insistence and vote, said he was not concerned about the risks of contracting the disease.

“As long as people wear a mask and keep six feet from each other, I think it will be okay,” Cooper said. Oklahoma resident,

Clyde Hughs said he was also not worried about COVID. He waited in line two hours in order to do his civic duty, he said.

“I have a responsibility to publicly demonstrate to the community the way voting is laid out in the constitution,” Hughes said.

Oklahoma resident Erin Anthony said she waited in line at another location only to find out that she was at the wrong polling place, but she was determined to vote and came to OCCC.

“It’s okay, I like OCCC,” Anthony said. She said people should take precautions in relation to COVID while voting, but she is not too uneasy about the risks.

Still other south Oklahoma City residents had other forms of safety on their minds.

With all the different opinions on mail-in voting, Oklahoma resident, Katie Shumacher said she decided to vote in person for assurance.

“I want to personally make sure my vote gets in,” Schumacher said.

Despite the long wait times students weren’t dissuaded from voting. One student said he waited so long, he had to leave without casting his vote because he had to go to class.

“I will come back and vote,” he said