Local crooner with looks and chops

After hearing several local music groups this week, my favorite was JL Jones and his band. Jones was celebrating his twenty-second birthday with family and close friends at the Powerhouse in Farmers Market Saturday night in Oklahoma City.

I could hear the music playing as soon as I pulled into the venue. That area is always busy with people walking around.

J. L. JonesI had not been to the Powerhouse before. I was never actually waited on so I didn’t try any food or drinks, but I felt the music in the air. The people there really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Jones graduated from Mustang High and is currently attending Oklahoma City University as an English major. He plays locally and is recording some songs written by local musicians.

Find Jones on youtube doing songs like “Eyes Like Smoke” and “Chasing Rain” as well as a cover of Clapton’s “Cocaine.” His music is bluesy.

Jones is influenced by Tom Petty, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan. He occasionally plays with Clapton’s drummer who lives in Norman. He is an accomplished guitar player with a different sound than most in town and not that hard to look at either.

Jones has been playing since he was around 12 and has become pretty well known by a college fan base. He is also popular among the musicians in town.

Jones will shine at any show he puts on or add flair to another artist he backs up. He is always willing to play anywhere, anytime.

“Music is a therapy for me,” Jones said,”and the more people I can share my music with the better I feel. I hope we both benefit from it as well.”

The venue was small but people were packed in like sardines. Jones lit up the room. I really enjoyed the music.

Jones said there will be an upcoming release party for the album he is currently working on. You can follow Jones and his music at facebook.com/JLJonesmusic.

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