Library offers a variety of e-books, audiobooks

If you enjoy reading but hate flipping pages, the OCCC library has a collection of audiobooks and e-books available for students, faculty and staff members to borrow, said Systems Librarian Dana Tuley-Williams.

Tuley-Williams said an audio book is downloaded as an audio file and an e-book includes text downloadable to devices such as tablets or computers.

She said those interested can visit to browse titles.

“There’s a vendor that we work with called OverDrive — they are our primary e-book and audiobook vendor,” she said. “We purchase access to the books through OverDrive and, in turn, students can go in and download them from OverDrive to their device.”

Tuley-Williams said the library boasts a variety of OverDrive e-book and audiobook titles, though most are targeted toward reading for leisure.

“OverDrive specializes in fiction, bestsellers — things of that nature,” she said. “It’s primarily for pleasure reading.

“ … You may be able to find materials that would work for course assignments, but that’s not really the purpose or the goal of OverDrive.”

Unlike most book-borrowing methods, Tuley-Williams said, there’s no need to worry about late fees because the book simply disappears from the device once two weeks has passed.

“ … It’s like a regular library book and you get it for two weeks,” Tuley-Williams said. “That’s one really nice thing — you can’t keep it longer than you’re supposed to,” she said. “It just disappears [after two weeks].”

If users wish to keep the e-book or audiobooks longer than two weeks, Tuley-Williams said, he or she can request to have titles longer if they haven’t already been requested for download by someone else.

To browse e-book and audiobook titles available in the OCCC library, visit

For additional information about the library, visit or call 405-682-7564.

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