Letter writer witnesses camaraderie in OCCC students

February 6, 2012 Letters to the Editor Print Print

To the Editor:

With the start of the new semester at OCCC, the halls are once again filled with the uncertain, occasionally lost faces of new students wandering around in search of classes.

As campus becomes flooded with both new and returning students, it is often easy to feel alone in a crowd of people.

However, I witnessed a scene Thursday night that proves that is not the case.

When I left my classes late that night, I saw one of my classmates ahead of me. As she dug through her purse for her keys, the wind gusted sending all of her papers scattering across the back parking lot.

As she rushed to try and collect the [nearby] pieces, many blew clear to the other side of the lot. Out of nowhere a car drove up and a group of men jumped out and began quickly collecting the papers, some even running to the other end of the parking lot to catch the farther straying pages. Once the papers were returned, they all climbed back into their car and drove off without a word.

Times like this remind us that we are all connected, as a community of OCCC students.

—Name withheld by request

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