Letter writer says criticism of new president wrong

To the Editor:

In a recent letter to your paper, the writer indicates that the President, Dr. Jerry Steward, has priorities that do not fit his early background and appear to be inconsistent with the average employee of the college.

I have known Dr. Steward since he arrived on campus as a political science professor and general counsel for the college. For the past 20 years he has worked to provide a quality education for OCCC students and to upgrade our facilities through various financial resources. (His experience as an ex-legislator has proved valuable in working with the State Legislature for equal funding for the college.)

Dr. Jerry Steward has been president for three and a half months.

While the “galas” may seem numerous, the funds and time for these events have not affected any college programs and the work schedule for the president.

The president of a college has many responsibilities.

Dr. Steward will work for the staff, focus on the students, and be an excellent president. Please support him during this initial period.

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