Learn a language with Rosetta Stone on campus

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Student using Rosetta Stone

A student takes advantage of the free Rosetta Stone on a World Languages and Cultures Center computer on the second floor of the Main Building. Clayton Mitchell/Pioneer

The Rosetta Stone computer program is one tool for OCCC students seeking to learn a new language. Eleven language courses are available in the World Languages and Cultures Center, said Chiaki Troutman, WLCC coordinator.

She said the center is the right place to begin the journey to learning a new language, especially a language that is not offered in campus courses.

Rosetta Stone has been used in the center since the summer 2008, Troutman said. Available languages include Hebrew, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and English.

The languages are offered through the Rosetta Stone interactive computer programs.

Students taking language classes on campus also use Rosetta Stone, Troutman said. Spanish is the most frequently learned language through the WLCC.

Another language in demand is English.

Rosetta Stone is a tool that international students use to improve their skills in English, Troutman said.

Using Rosetta Stone helps to keep up practicing English pronunciation, Troutman said. Also different types of exercises such as conversational phrases can be learned through the interactive programs.

One student using Rosetta Stone was Stephane Nkolo Bala from Cameroon. He is studying chemistry at OCCC.

“I really like the Rosetta Stone application even though I wasn’t taking any language class,” Bala said. “I was just very curious about Spanish because  I plan to move to California. It’s a state with a lot of Spanish speakers, so I would love to be able to talk with them.”

Another user of Rosetta Stone is Chouahib Khyati, a student in petroleum engineering from Morocco. His country is located in the northern part of Africa.

“I’m originally from Morocco, but I grew up here in Oklahoma City,” Khyati said. “Being able to go to school in the United States made me very fluent in English but not really in my native language which is Arabic.

“When I heard that the WLCC has an application that could help me, I just spent time there after class to practice with the Rosetta Stone application to improve my Arabic. But going to Morocco during the summer helped me a lot.”

Troutman said the Rosetta Stone computer application could not replace a language class or language textbooks. She said it is mainly a logical extension of the lectures the students previously received in class.

Troutman said the process to sign up for Rosetta Stone is easy and takes just 15 minutes. To do that students have to visit the center with their student  ID card.

The WLCC is located at the second floor of the Main Building, overlooking the coffee shop.

For more information, contact Troutman at 405-682-1611 ext. 7104 or email her at ctroutman@occc.edu.

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