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Last day to drop today

Students have until 5 p.m. today to drop 16-week spring classes without negatively impacting their grades, according to the OCCC Student Handbook.

Although no monetary refund can be given for dropped classes, the course will go down as a ‘W’ on the student’s transcript. A grade of ‘W’ does not impact a student’s GPA.

Most students can withdraw using MineOnline, which can be accessed at www.mineonline.occc.edu [1].

From that site, students can select the current student tab and then click on register and drop sections to withdraw from a course.

Because of academic and financial restrictions, some students may be unable to withdraw online.

For those students, they can drop classes in person by filling out an add/drop form at the Registration office.

For more information, contact Registration at 405-682-7889.