Laser Tag blasts onto the scene

Laser tag will be offered to students at noon Wednesday, April 27, in the outdoor lawn area just south of the Aquatic Center said Sports and Recreation Specialist Eric Watson.

Watson said this is the first time OCCC has provided laser tag as a one-day intramural sport.

Mobile Laser Tag Company will set up the course and provide all necessary equipment, such as chest gear, laser guns, and inflatable walls that will resemble a paintball course, he said.

Watson said students can sign up for the event at the intramural leagues website at, or at the Fitness and Recreation office located on the first floor of the Main Building.

There is a $3 fee to compete in the action, he said.

Watson said participants can wear regular clothing but should bring comfortable shoes they can run around in.

He said there will be two options for play: individual free-for-all and a team capture-the-flag.

Accuracy percentages and stats will be accounted for, Watson said.

Student Kara Lee said she has never played laser tag but is ready to give it a try.

“I have only heard great things about laser tag and of course, I’m interested in playing,” Lee said.

Student Kelsey Smalling said she played laser tag in her youth and is excited about the opportunity to play again.

“It’s cool that OCCC goes out of their way to provide activities like this for their students,” Smalling said.


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