‘Labyrinth’ a timeless movie

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When the Jim Henson movie “Labyrinth” first hit the screens in 1986, it was nowhere near the success it is now.

Grossing well under its budget, the film did not gain popularity until years later and is now considered a cult classic.

The film starts with Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), an imaginative and angsty teen caught up in the fantasy books she reads.

One night while tired of babysitting, Sarah wishes for goblins to come take her infant brother Toby away.

Sarah immediately regrets her mistake when the Goblin King Jareth (David Bowie) appears and takes Toby away to his castle. Sarah then has no choice but to work her way through the ever-changing labyrinth and solve the puzzle within 13 hours or her brother will become a goblin forever.


Throughout the movie, Sarah is faced with not only the challenges of the maze itself, but also with Jareth, who takes a liking to her and tries to distract her by throwing many curves her way.

Sarah does not go at this alone, however. Fortunately for her, she meets a few friends on the way including a bad-tempered midget, gentle beast, and feisty dog that may just get her one step closer to reaching the castle beyond the goblin city.

Although many effects used are slightly outdated, the film does not cease to please.

Henson proves his creatures are unique and nothing short of amazing. The five original songs written and performed by Bowie also add a magic touch to the film.

While the film may seem dark at times, it is filled with many laughs and dancing that will keep you watching the entire 90 minutes.

Anyone with an imaginative and adventurous spirit will surely appreciate this magical film.


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