Knowledge is power

July 8, 2013 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff Print Print

Many of us have heard the statement “ignorance is bliss.” I would like to refute that statement and say no, it is not.

That supposed bliss will be gone the minute cold hard reality becomes known.

I personally think if I am aware of a situation, I can plan and act accordingly. If I am unaware of it, when the situation comes to light, it’s like a hit in the face.

Many times on campus I have seen a sort of need-to-know mentality. Well, I feel as students here we all do “need to know.”

If weathercasters keep pertinent information to themselves, think what the results could be — a tornado coming towards your house and you didn’t know to find shelter. Or, a winter weather storm approaching and you were not able to plan ahead and buy groceries. In short, all potential disasters and you get directly affected by it because information was not shared.

Whatever happens in our lives and around us, we should be informed. Any circumstances that occur on this campus should be made known to the student body so they can protect themselves and plan for the possibilities.

This shove-it-under-the-rug legalities of OCCC frightens me.

If there was a rape on campus, I would want to know so I could take measures to protect myself while walking to my car after a class.

If there are car thefts happening, I want to know so I can keep valuables at home and double check to lock my car.

If I am unaware of these bad things happening then I have a higher probability of becoming the next victim.

Knowledge really is power. Power to protect. Power to plan. Knowledge of what is going on around you can change your life and possibly save it.

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