Kings of covers playing near you

My favorite cover band in town, Street Kings, played last weekend at the Alley Club on the south side of town. If you like your rock mixed with some southern charm you should hear these guys.

I’d once also seen them perform around Halloween. They put on a Kiss tribute show in costume, complete with high-heeled boots and make-up. The bass player played the part so well I would have mistaken his long tongue for Gene Simmons if I hadn’t known better.

Street Kings band photo
(LEFT TO RIGHT) Nate Stout, Chris Dolan, Rod Frizzell and Bob Morris. Photo provided

Street Kings is not your average cover band.

The members of the band are exceptionally talented. All four band members said they were raised in Southern Gospel churches where they first got a taste of playing live music.

Chris Dolan is the leader of the band, lead singer and rhythm player. I love his Texas Rock set that includes a Doobie Brothers medley of “Jesus Just Left Chicago,” “Jesus – He’s my Friend” and “Been Waiting on the Bus All Day.”

Dolan and the bass player, Nathan Stout, became automatic best friends when they became step-brothers (no lie) as young boys. Dolan said his older brother was the first one he looked up to as a musician. They have enjoyed playing in a band together since 2001.

Bob Morris, who plays lead guitar, recently returned to his home of Norman after serving as the director of musical education for the Fender guitar company.

Morris told me, when he was with Fender, he’d schedule  his work responsibilities around flights in and out of town to play with Street Kings.

The band’s drummer, Rod Frizzell, is the newest member to join in 2012. Dolan said Frizzell took them to a whole new level and they all loved him as soon as he started.

The band has been playing together exclusively for four years with the same group of guys, which is in itself an accomplishment these days. It shows, because their music is really tight.

They have written some original music and released one album called “High Dollar Buzz.”

The guys say they have a busy summer ahead of them. Chris said their main goal right now is “to enjoy playing music as long as our bodies will allow.”

Follow Street Kings on facebook for up to date information on where you can catch a show.

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