Kids able to be active at recreation camps

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Recreation & Fitness LogoLast week, OCCC’s summer recreation camps kicked off. From the start of June until Aug. 6, children have a place to stay during their break.

In the summer, the Recreation and Fitness department hosts weekly all-day and half-day camps for children ages 6-12. These camps are designed for children who enjoy being active and engaging in indoor and outdoor group activities. Those attending a half-day session either go in the morning from 8 a.m. to noon, or in the afternoon from 1 to 5 p.m.

Children also can attend either all-day sessions.

The Recreation and Fitness department’s main goal for these camps is to provide recreation opportunities for kids.

“Instead of . . . sitting at home all day playing video games, watching TV, they get to come out to the camps, run around, have fun all day, meet new kids, a lot of them make friends,” said Intramural Sports Assistant Matthew Wright.

“You know, it’s just something to occupy their summer . . . get them more active and you know, just having fun meeting people.”

Certified P.E. instructors were hired to teach the camps. There is one instructor in the morning and one instructor in the afternoon. “The same instructors are used for the entire summer,” said Wright.

The department also offers all-day camps during the holiday weeks of the summer that include activities ranging from swimming to field trips.

The first holiday camp will be during the week of July 4, and the field trip will be to the Oklahoma City Zoo.

The second summer holiday camp will take place during the final week of the summer camps. This camp isn’t really a holiday, but it is treated as such since it’s the last week, according to Wright.

The price of both holiday week camps is $130 per week instead of the normal $110 per week. This price jump is necessary in order to cover the cost of the field trips.

The number of all-day campers is capped at 40 per week, while the number of half-day campers is limited to 10 per week, per session.

The cost is $110 per week for all-day campers, and $65 per week for half-day campers.

For an extra $25 a week, all-day and afternoon participants can opt-in for swim lessons. These lessons are limited to 18 participants per week.

To learn more information or contact Wright, visit the Recreation and Fitness office on the first floor of the Main Building or call 405-682-7860.


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