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Chris James/Pioneer
Pre-med majors Kim Ndong and Jessie Yepdjub, both 18, along with computer science major Ramzan Dawood, 22, were talking to student Jorie Hemphill about the OCCC Multicultural Club at the Organizations Fair on Jan.26.

More than 407 students signed up for various clubs when Student Life hosted the recent Student Organization Fair said Student Life Student Programs leader Candice Parker.

According to fair sign up sheets, those clubs which drew the largest number of new members were The Nursing Student Organization with 52 new members, The Black Student Association with 51 members, Health Professions with 49 new members and The Gamer Guild with 46 new members.

Those who missed the fair can still join a club, Parker said.

“You would go to Once you register with your student email, the list of all the clubs and organizations at OCCC comes up,” she said.

“You can pick which clubs to join, or request to join. From there, the officers will validate you as a student, and then you will receive emails and updates about everything that the clubs are doing,” Parker said.

She said has a calendar of events, a listing of all of the available clubs and organizations, and links to their websites and notifications for website updates.

There also is a scroll bar detailing upcoming events such as Chi Alpha’s “Bible Study Wednesday” in room 3K3 of the Main Building, or Student Emergency Medical Sciences Association’s CPR training.

The bar shows meeting times, where the meetings are being held, and the date of the events.

In addition to general information about clubs, the website also has statistics and will show the latest pictures taken by club members and posted on their individual websites.

For more information about club activities, club meetings and student organization, call Student Life at 405-682-7523 or visit

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