John Massey Center almost complete

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Chris James/Pioneer
Construction continues on OCCC’s new John Massey buliding on Tuesday, Jan. 24. Construction on the facility bagan after the Childhood Development Center was relocated.

The new John Massey Center, currently being built on the southeast side of the campus, is nearing completion. Project Manager Larry Barnes said finishing touches will likely be made on the new building by the end of March.

The building houses Human Resources, Finance, Purchasing, Planning and Research, and Institutional Effectiveness.

The first John Massey Center, located off campus, was sold and the revenue from that sale was used to build the new center.

“This new building will be quite different from the former one,” Barnes said. “We inherited that building so we just utilized it.”

Throughout the planning and construction of the new building, Barnes said, the crew has had to follow a strict schedule.

Once completed, he said, the project will need to get approval for substantial completion from the OCCC Board of Regents.

“Right now we’re planning on going to the Board of Regents on March 26,” he said. “In the meantime, of course, construction is ongoing.”

After the Board meeting on March 26, the move from the former building to the new one will take place, Barnes said.

“March 27 to 30 is the scheduled moving time,” he said.

“Come April 2, [John Massey Center employees] have got to come in and sit down at their desks like nothing has ever happened.”

Barnes said he is very hopeful that the April 2 will be opening day of the new center.

“It’s going to happen. It has to happen.”

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