‘John Carter’ great IMAX 3D experience

Engulfing explosions, and flying debris all seemed bigger than life as screams rang out from spectators in a packed crowd at the 3D IMAX viewing of Walt Disney’s “John Carter,” at Warren Theater in Moore.

Having never seen an IMAX film, all I can say is wow. I am hooked. The Warren Theater boasts a six-story IMAX screen which, according to Warren Theater executives, is the largest IMAX screen in North America. The surround sound is so realistic, theater-goers may think they are actually living in the movie. Comfortable padded partially-reclining seats add to the fun experience and make the movie all the bolder.

Although I have seen plenty of 3D movies, this was the most realistic one I have seen. The glasses not only cover your eyeballs, but your entire eye cavity. This makes for a very realistic 3D experience that expands to peripheral vision.


Admission is $16, something I initially thought was a bit high, but now believe to be worth every penny. I climbed several levels of stairs to get up high enough to see the entire screen; however, an elevator is available.

And, the movie was great, too. The premise of the movie seems simple enough. The main character, John Carter (Canadian-born Taylor Kitsch), a defiant Confederate Army cavalry man in search of gold, is accidentally transplanted to Mars, and must help rescue a beautiful princess, help stop a Martian civil war and get home to his gold. And, he must do it all while avoiding capture by larger-than-life barbarian Martians, as well as the princess’ own people.

So what is not to believe about that — especially when you see Mars right in front of your eyes? Nothing. Even if it does look a bit like Utah.

Carter, who is obviously confused to find himself in an unknown world, is immediately heralded as a champion by the Martians. This is because his denser bone mass makes him able to leap far into the air — a feat no one else on Mars is able to do. The barbaric Martians see a chance to use Carter as a secret weapon, something Carter wants nothing to do with.

However, he finds himself enslaved by the leader of the barbarians Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and rescuing a Martian women who claims to be the princess of the martian city Helium.

When Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) — fleeing her own arranged wedding to the Martian tyrant and leader of the city of Zodonga, Sab Than (Dominic West) — suddenly comes falling from the sky, causing Carter to leap into action, it makes for some awesome 3D.

It is up to Carter and Thoris to save the planet and prevent annihilation of all the races of Mars.

John Carter is a romantic comedy, a sci-fi movie, an action adventure and a thriller all in one as the two lovable characters race against time and odds to save the Martian planet and defeat the evil Zodonga and fall in love.

This movie is so diverse you can go see it alone, with a friend or with your mother. The twisting and turning plot, memorable performances, and awesome views and sound make “John Carter” worth seeing again.

Rating: A+

—Shawn Stawicki

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