‘iZombie’ ridiculously corny

Looking for some brain candy to keep your mind occupied while you do something repetitive? Try iZombie.

Yeah, I know, the name starts with a lowercase i, and yes it’s a show on the CW. But this is a show based on a comic book, so if you’re judging it too harshly, it’s probably your fault for having standards.

The premise is pretty ridiculous.

iZombieThe main character is Olivia “Liv” Moore. Get it? Live more? Yeah, they made that pun.

Anyway, Liv is a medical student who becomes a zombie after a freak zombie massacre at a boat party. Her corpse-like pallor and newly found hunger for brains compel her to take a job at the local morgue where free meals are a perk of employment.

The medical examiner Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti just happens to be the only guy in the world who believes zombism is a real condition.

He encourages Liv to eat the brains of murder victims which, in addition to keeping her from freaking out and going into “full on zombie mode” has the side effect of letting her experience some of the victim’s memories.

Soon Liv, posing as a psychic, is helping police solve murders.

Of course Liv is not the only zombie out there, and not everyone can work at the all-you-can-eat brain buffet like Liv.

Things get interesting when Liv meets Blaine Debeers, a drug dealing rich kid, turned zombie, who also was at the boat party. Blaine envies Liv’s ability but doesn’t let his conscience get in the way of a good meal, or making the most of his condition by cornering the market on brains for the local zombies.

The show is pretty corny at times, especially when Liv is trying to protect Major Lillywhite, the ex-fiance she still loves, but can never tell she is a zombie.

Other times zombism seems to serve as a serious stand-in for poverty, drugs, disease and anything else that causes someone to hide things from the people they care about.

Even so, iZombie knows how to poke fun at itself. If you have watched too many bleak episodes of “The Walking Dead,” iZombie’s lighter tone is a nice palate cleanser.

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