It’s never too late to become a participant

March 13, 2013 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff Print Print

Students are coming and going from the college daily but how many of those students are actually involved at the college? How many are attending events?Job fairs, information booths, clubs, or any other event that is not related to their classes? I can honestly say I was one of the many students who didn’t do any of this.

To my excuse I always just said I never had time nor did I ever try to make time. This semester I decided to try something different.

I proposed myself to have two jobs, one at the college and the one I already had. The school newspaper, “the Pioneer,” was hiring. As I am a journalism and broadcasting major with an emphasis in broadcasting I decided to try it.

Yes, I am a broadcasting major but I enjoy writing and I wanted to see what I would enjoy most.

With the Pioneer, I meet people everyday and interact with students from all over the college. Working with the Pioneer I have found myself wondering why I did not do this before. I am more involved at the college than I have ever been. I find out about all sorts of events. Events that are publicized throughout the college in ads, bulletins, websites, the school newspaper and some are even publicized on Facebook.

However, during the interviews for these events, the interviewee always ask for students to become more involved. There are not enough students getting involved at the college.

I have gone to events where there are only two students sitting in the room. There are a lot of students at OCCC and it is very sad to see that our events held are not being filled with those students.

Getting involved feels good, it allows the student to feel more involved and closer to his or her career. At least this is how I feel, because I’m involved. I also feel like I am doing better in my classes. All because I know what is happening in my surroundings.

I wish I would have gotten more involved when I first started. Even if all I could do was attend an event. At least I would feel like I was part of something. Not just an individual in college, but a participant in college.

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