IT students receive new computer monitors, upgraded operating system

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Students in the Information Technology division will soon be staring at two computer monitors instead of one and using a faster operating system, said John Helton, Computer Aided Technology department chair.

Helton said one of the multimedia labs will have all computers fitted with two screens, and computers in two classrooms will be upgraded to the Windows 7 operating system.

Michael Reeves, Student Computer Center supervisor, said he believes Windows 7 is a better operating system for the kind of work IT students do.

“There’s not as many processes running in the background,” Reeves said.

He said not all computers will be upgraded.

In addition, Reeves said, the general lab will continue to run Windows Vista because Office 2007 is still taught with Vista.

“The books aren’t ready yet to teach Windows 7,” he said.

Gary Domingues, lab supervisor, said the multimedia lab will also be upgraded with dual monitors “to give (students) more screen real estate.”

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