Identity Politics & Narcissism – Grant Swalwell

WARNING: Trigger Warning ahead.

TRIGGER WARNING: This blog post may contain content you disagree with.

The men’s rights red pill idiots have soiled the pool for anyone questioning the one sided thinking of the new left. A similar crowd to the people who believe reverse-racism has overcome normal racism. Basic empirical and even anecdotal evidence show these reactionary conservative views to be based off of a deep seeded inadequacy, yes really. To admit (to yourself) that your beliefs have been unfair or insensitive is a very difficult thing, this is not to say that deeply entrenched sexism is a permanent thing past a certain age. Exercising compassion is being sensitive, sadly liberal reactionaries equate offending someone to a hate crime. I’ve personally struggled with how to be sensitive while also standing up for my equality and feelings. When my feelings get hurt I get over it, I don’t turn it into an opera, and I’ve trained myself to bite my tongue until I feel discriminated against. Yes really, a straight middle class white male can be discriminated against, it’s just far more situational, sadly many other straight white men don’t understand the difference between being discriminated against and losing your privileges.

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