Pioneer Pop-Up features five students’ stories weekly.

We asked OCCC community members how to be successful in an 8-week course.

Isabela Sabillon – 18 – Chemistry Major – Honduras

“You have to prepare and have an agenda of the things you want to get done and stay on track with your work.”

– Isabela Sabillon
Addison Garcia – 19 – Nursing Major – Edmond, OK

“Just stay on top of your work. Don’t get behind and don’t tell yourself that you are going to do it later.”

– Addison Garcia

Colin – 35 – Nursing Major – Colorado

“You really have to stick to the schedule otherwise you get behind really quickly. My suggestion is to stick with the syllabus and get ahead of it.”

– Colin
Connor Croney – 26 – Political Science Major – Oklahoma City, OK

“Stay on top of what you are doing. You’ve got to make sure that you have your plan set from the beginning and know when all your deadlines are.”

– Connor Croney

Ises Rena – 21 – Psychology Major – Oklahoma

“Do your work on time and make sure you get it done within a certain amount of time and don’t cram everything in on the due date.”

– Ises Rena