Health Professions Staff Member takes State honors

By Trevor Kay, correspondent ——-

A cause for celebration and positivity has occurred at OCCC, perhaps going without the proper recognition.

As only the third person from OCCC to do so, Tammy Diaz, health professions support assistant, has joined the ranks of Oklahoma Association of Community Colleges Outstanding Support Staff award winners.

Diaz has worked in several different departments during her time at OCCC, starting in the Office of Student Accessibility and Support Services.

Then Diaz went to the Students Connecting with Mentors for Success department and finally moved to her current position in Health Professions.

“This was a great surprise, and I am so honored to represent OCCC,” Diaz said.

“Dr. Steward said that he nominated me because of my commitment to the college and to the students. I can only say that my commitment is a product reflection of working with and learning from my peers at OCCC.”

This award was first given in 2018 and works to shine a light upon those that work diligently to ensure the smooth operation of community colleges across the state, according to the OACC website.

Every year the presidents of institutions across the state nominate a member of their support staff to receive the OACC Outstanding Support Staff award, Diaz said.

As part of this award, Diaz said that she would attend the OACC Virtual Support Staff Award conference and receive an OACC medal. The conference will be Jan. 29, 2021, according to the OACC website.

Many across campus say Diaz is very deserving of the award.

“I was over the Single Parent program and Tammy [Diaz] was invaluable during the years we were in the same office. She was also ready and able to assist as well as cheer up students who were walk ins or had scheduled appointments,” Janey Wheeler, Student Accessibility and Support counselor said.

“A smile on her face and always willing to assist where needed. A true joy to know as a co-worker and a friend!” Wheeler said. “Working with Tammy has been one of my greatest joys at OCCC,” Bryon Dickens, director of Students Connecting with Mentors for Success said.

“Our students were better, the staff was better, the entire program was better with her here. She is kindhearted, gracious, and personable. Students would often come to our area just to say hello to Tammy. Her welcoming smile was just what they needed to start their day,” Dickens said.

“Tammy came to HP only a few months ago [July 3] and at first, I was unsure about her because she is so quiet. It didn’t take me long to learn that behind that quiet is a force!” Shelly Tevis, compliance administrator and coordinator of medical terminology, said.

“She is a pleasure to be around. She is humble, funny, loyal and always willing to jump in and help with whatever comes down the tracks. I’m thrilled she is on our team!!!” Tevis said.