Headlights more nuisance than help

I often get off work fairly late so it is already dark on my drive home. There’s always one thing that annoys me while driving at night: headlights.

It seems like headlights have gotten brighter over the years, especially with the new cars. I’m not sure why they feel the need to make the headlights blinding for newer cars. Maybe they think it makes them safer? However, I can assure you that it produces the opposite effect.

I understand the need for headlights but is it really a good idea to make them so bright that other drivers have trouble concentrating on the road due to the insane amount of light in their view?

My eyes have watered before due to the brightness of headlights. The lights make it hard to see anything else around me due to my eyes completely focusing on them. It always makes me so mad when I see a newer car coming with the bright lights. I know it’s going to basically blind me, make my eyes water, give me a headache or all three.

When the person with the lights is in front of me, I can mentally prepare myself. I can usually see some of the other cars around me. But, when a person pulls up behind me, I can’t see anything else behind me or in my blind spot. My car is low to the ground, so I get the beams directly in my rearview mirror and usually my side mirrors.

The headlights on the new cars on the road make me want to stop driving at night even though I have 20/20 vision.

I also would like to address those people who like to make all kind of modifications to their cars including: getting super bright headlights, putting extra lights on it, blacking out their taillights, etc. Yes, a car is a great thing to personalize and make your own. However, you do not need to do it if you are putting other people’s safety at risk. It’s one thing if you buy a car that already has insane headlights and it’s another thing if you choose to put them on there because you think it is cool. Doing something like that isn’t considerate to other drivers.

Blacked out lights are also something I find incredibly annoying. They are difficult to see at night and in most cases, make the car look cheaper.

Do yourself a favor and don’t black out your lights or have super bright headlights. Maybe I should get my eyes checked again but I’m sure quite a few people feel the same way about lights on cars.

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