Harassment and theft reported to college police

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A harassment report, petty larceny and a suspicious person report were all filed June 2 through 6.

A complaint of unwarranted contact by an ex-boyfriend was filed by a female student on June 2.

The report, taken by Officer Ronald Ventresca, shows the student and her ex-boyfriend had broken up in February 2014. Since that time, she had received a number of unwanted text messages which included veiled threats.

On June 2, Ventresca said, the student was in class when she received a text message from the ex-boyfriend that read, “I see you.”

The student told campus police she thought her ex-boyfriend had transferred to the University of Oklahoma and was unaware he was still enrolled at OCCC.

The student said she was walking to her vehicle in Parking Lot A around 4 p.m. when she heard her ex-boyfriend shout her name from between two parked cars. She said she became frightened, ran to her car and drove out of the area.

Once she had evaded the suspect, the student returned to campus to file a report with police.

That same day, a report was filed regarding petty larceny of an Adderall prescription occurring between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. May 28.

Officer Daniel Piazza said the victim was in class from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and remained on campus until 3:30 p.m May 28. She last checked the contents of her purse at 9 a.m. when she reached campus and said her prescription was present. When the woman returned home, Piazza said, she realized her prescription was missing. She said the prescription was contained in two separate bottles — the first containing 24 25mg extended-release Adderall pills and the other containing 24 15mg immediate-release Adderall pills.

Piazza said he reviewed security footage from the victim’s location on May 28 but could not confirm the larceny occurred on campus.

In another report on June 6, around 6 p.m., Officer Zachary Andrews was dispatched to the Aquatic Center on a suspicious person complaint.

Andrews said he searched the locker rooms in the Aquatic Center with the lifeguards and could not locate the suspect. Three of the lifeguards who witnessed the suspicious person identified him as a male wearing black jeans, a tan shirt with dark hair and facial hair. Each provided a witness statement following the incident. Andrews said he reviewed the Aquatic Center security footage and could not confirm seeing the suspect on camera.

Names not listed in this story were redacted on the police reports under the direction of Marketing and Public Relations Director Cordell Jordan who said names are redacted “according to OCCCPD Standard Operating Procedures involving information released and information withheld.” To obtain a copy of the procedure, email cjordan@occc.edu.

To contact campus police, call 405-682-1611, ext. 7747. For an emergency, use one of the call boxes located inside and outside on campus or call 405-682-7872.

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