Grand Theft Auto V adds layers

Everyone’s favorite car jacking, addictive missions, gun shooting game is back in a new version.

Grand Theft Auto V brings a new storyline to the game. The story takes place in a town called Los Santos (a reference to Los Angeles).

Instead of playing just one character you play three different characters: Franklin, a man just trying to make a decent living doing crimes but not being able to get his foot in the door; Michael, an ex criminal who becomes Franklin’s mentor after catching his wife in bed with her tennis coach; and Trevor, the final character. He is the craziest but funniest character. It’s like the Joker has a brother.

Each character has a special ability that does not go overboard.

For instance, while driving, Franklin can slow down time and drive more precise.

Michael can slow down time while shooting a gun and shoot more accurately.

Trevor’s abillity is that he just freaks out and goes into a rage-like frenzy that allows him to deal out extra damage.

The online portion of the game is a bit different from previous versions.

What caught my attention first is character creation.

When you make your character, you are forced to choose what your grandparents look like, giving you control of what you will look like.

Another creative control you get is to decide how many hours you spend doing different things in the game. For example, you control how many hours you spend doing legal and illegal work, hours spent with family, and hours spent playing sports.

The last part I enjoyed about the online is that you can make your own crew and invite friends to be in it which makes it just that much easier to play together.

Even though the online took awhile to get going, I still enjoyed it.

Rating: A

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