Get your fix of blues Sunday nights

Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, BB King — these are just a few of the artists you can expect to hear on KRXO’s “Sunday Night Blues Cruise.”

The “Cruise” airs every Sunday night from 9 p.m. to midnight and is hosted by Matt Kemp. The show starts with a few classic blues hits to get things warmed up.

Throughout the next three hours, Kemp plays the perfect blend of blues to appease listeners both young and old.

A great thing about the “Cruise” is listeners get to hear cuts of music they wouldn’t normally hear on the radio. While most stations usually have limits to song lengths, on the “Cruise” it is not uncommon to hear live or rare cuts of music lasting up to 10 minutes.

Every hour, Kemp features a specific artist by having a double shot of the blues, in which two songs are played back-to-back from a particular artist.

A major highlight of the “Cruise” is it also plays Oklahoma-grown blues.

Each week, Kemp features an “Okie set” in which a sequence of songs are played from local blues artists. This set is a great way for listeners to discover new artists and music they may not have even known was in their own backyard.

Listeners also can expect to hear about events coming up through the Oklahoma Blues Society, an organization Kemp is heavily involved in.

The Blues Society is a great way for people to take their love of the blues to a new level and get involved in the blues community.

Kemp’s smooth voice as well as the laid-back atmosphere of the show puts listeners at ease. Kemp presents his show in such a way that you feel as if the blues have been brought directly into your home.

The “Sunday Night Blues Cruise” is a radio show truly unique to Oklahoma.

Listeners are not only exposing themselves to great musical artists but also supporting local artists as well.

Kemp makes listening to the blues a fun experience for all.

Tune into the “Cruise” on 104.5 FM Sunday nights and wind down the weekend with some awesome tunes.

And don’t forget to ‘like’ the “Sunday Night Blues Cruise” and the Oklahoma Blues Society on Facebook to keep up with all things blues.

Rating: A+

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