Geggy Tah never got a fair shake

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Diving backwards into the swirling depths of obscurity I have come upon a rare and forgotten artifact.

Though I know this thing I’ve discovered is terrible in its ridiculousness, I cannot help but love it: the song “Whoever You Are” by Geggy Tah.

The band from Pomona, California, flirted ever so briefly with stardom way back in 1996 with this very short-lived hit.

Stardom and Geggy Tah were — for some reason — incompatible.

Geggy Tah disappeared from the scene as quickly as they’d arrived and were almost instantly forgotten.

A final album did follow years later, surfacing sometime in 2001, but, by then, nobody cared.

However, the video for the band’s only hit remains within the annals of YouTube and may clearly demonstrate why a band such as this just could not continue to exist.

Geggy Tah was, at the time, a giddy trio of musicians with the looks of perpetual pizza delivery drivers, the kind who are always late and tend to smell of outlawed horticulture. They seem like nice enough guys but you don’t really want them in your house.

The song “Whoever You Are” is a delightful romp through a part of the emotional spectrum that just doesn’t get much attention from musicians outside the children’s genre.

The hook, which repeats itself just this side of relentlessly, is an uplifting recitation of the words, “All I want to do is to thank you even though I don’t know who you are.”

It’s four minutes of kind words over an mmmbop-esque musical track in a devilishly catchy melody.

It’s really the kind of song that one makes up and sings absent-mindedly while driving.

Geggy Tah, however, was kind enough to take this one into the studio and record it for us.

As more and more young people are nurturing a love for ’90s music that I’ll never understand, they are going to need to know about quirky songs like Geggy Tah’s “Whoever You Are” if they hope to understand the influences that shaped the era.

Rating: B

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