Gamer’s Guild welcome back party

September 10, 2012 Community Print Print

The Gamer’s Guild hosted it’s first meeting of the semester in the form of a welcome back party for it’s members from noon until 6 p.m., Tuesday Sept. 4.

20 members showed up for pizza and conversation amidst the chatter of fellow gamers as streaming video played on the overhead projector.

Students who are interested in joining must maintain good grades.


Club President Joseph Lee said the club has a new 2.5 GPA standard for people who want to join, unless they are receiving tutoring.

Lee said the club’s new policy, while seemingly unpopular with old members, is acceptable to new members.

“Membership doubled from last semester when there was no policy,” he said.

Student Darren Hatch Jr. agrees with the policy. Hatch said they are all gamers, but people need to keep their grades up. Games will still be there when they are done with studying.

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