Gaddis, Brooks Elected to Legislature

On Tuesday, Oklahoma voters showed up to the polls to decide three special elections. Democrats flipped two of those seats in House District 75 and Senate District 44. Both seats were left vacant this year by Republicans who resigned amid scandal.

In Tulsa House district 75, Democratic Karen Gaddis, a retired school teacher, won over Republican Tressa Nunley. The two were looking to replace former Representative Dan Kirby who resigned in February after allegations of sexual harassment.

Gaddis first ran against Kirby in November’s general election but lost by 12 percent. This time around, however, she won by a close margin of 4 percent.

In Senate district 44, Democratic candidate Michael Brooks won by 55 percent over Republican Joe Griffin.

Brooks will replace former Senator Ralph Shortey who resigned in March because of child prostitution charges.

In Norman, Republican voters in House District 46 chose Darin Chambers instead of Charlie Samples or Jimmy Shannon in the District GOP primary. Chambers will run against the Democratic candidate Jacob Rosencrants during a September 12 special election.

The winner of the special election will replace former Republican Representative Scott Martin who resigned.

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