Friendly Fire – Grant Swalwell

August 12, 2015 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff, Pioneer Blogs Print Print

In a couple of months, Donald Trump has nearly single-handedly undone years of political strategizing on the part of the GOP.

In the past, they had been losing political ground due to the perception of the party as old, racist white men supporting the interests of old, racist white men.

the GOP has been trying to change that brand, namely by forcing Marco Rubio’s name into news soundbytes whenever possible. Similar to the Cain Train strategy in the 2012 presidential election, the use of minority candidates as carrots on a stick is roughly as opaque as the vacuum of space.

While the Democrats are really not great or even good; take a moment to imagine four years of President Trump. In the choice between Burger King and McDonalds, I’m not hungry. However I do like to watch and analyze which makes me part of the problem — people who don’t vote. People my age don’t vote and it is of dire consequence to the fate of humanity.

Thankfully, time exists and the demographic shifts in America will soon make it mathematically impossible for the GOP to win the presidency and then they will start to lose seats in Congress.

White people are quickly becoming a majority minority, religiosity is decreasing, more women are doing stuff.

The old white people who make up the core of the GOP hate black people, gays, Muslims and just about everything else they don’t understand.

Thankfully, they all smoked like chimneys, ate a lot of vegetable shortening and saturated their environment with lead and asbestos so the problem is solving itself.

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