Free Speech TOO Free? – Grant Swalwell

Should people be allowed to share their opinions if they happen to be awful? In two-thousand-and-fifteen, that is twenty-fifteen, the current year, people push the limits of free speech in every direction. The internet has given people access to approximate liberation from the forces of ignorance, yet it has also given faculty to the ignorant to further their drivel through blogs, echo chamber forums, and circle-jerk social media sharing. I have a new media/artist/technologist/weirdo friend who I council when I’m not sure I understand a social issue properly, it took me a while to process his use of the term reactionary to describe both social conservatives and social justice warriors, but I think the premise is that when you react to an opinion, stance, fact, event, etc with automatic revulsion and rejection instead of trying to understand it, then you are almost by definition a reactionary.

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