Former student hopes to clarify her part in a past incident

To the Editor:

Even though this is a situation in the past, I would like to state my stance of what I did say.

That statement that I made was an example of (what could occur) when people jump into an argument without knowing the details. I stated that that is how people get shot. I was making an example … not trying to play out the example.

A group of men in the class started to come toward me as if protecting [the person I was arguing with] and this is when I made the statement.


(I) did not think about the accusation of shot representing a gun, especially on a college campus, because during this time students at other colleges had used a gun to harm others … So I was not thinking, because if I was, I would have never expressed anything dealing with (the words) shot or gun. My example was taken into [various] avenues. However, the outcome was I lost that English class, had to retake (it), (but) still continued as a student there and graduated with my degree. [It was determined] I was not a threat.

I set in the front of the class (then) the same way I do today, because I want to make sure I do not miss anything. Being an adult going back to school, (I) need to fully hear and understand all course work.

I let things build up and I got tired of [another person’s behavior] and responded … but at no time was I a threat. I spoke my mind about [a professor’s] behavior toward me in class.

[I gave] an example of how people get shot — by jumping into a situation, not knowing what had really happen. Had the men known, maybe they would have stayed in their seats.

—Demetra Triggs

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