Fitness pass saves students money


OCCC’s Recreation and Fitness department has introduced a new Group Fitness Pass that will cost $50 and allow the pass holder access to all fitness classes offered for the semester. Students and community members will be able to purchase the pass.

To purchase this pass, you must have a valid student ID or a Recreation and Fitness membership, said Marlene Shugart, Health and Fitness Specialist.

Shugart said the change was made is to make taking fitness classes less costly.

“It is much more affordable for everyone, not only the students,” Shugart said.

She said it’s a savings of more than $100 per semester.

Before, students and community members had to pay $20 a month per class.

Most of the classes only meet twice a week and range from 20 to 55 minutes long.

To take the same class for the entire semester would have cost $80 for four months of just one class.

“There has been plenty of positive feedback from the student body,” Shugart said.

“The student feedback has been great,” she said.

“They love it.”

Members are excited about the new price and class options.

“Wow, that’s a great way to make it more convenient for the students,” said Paisley Mitchell, a frequent guest of the Wellness Center.

Mitchell said she plans to take advantage of the Group Fitness Pass because she is interested in the Zumba class.

“I enjoy dancing so it would feel like I’m not even working out,” Mitchell said.

OCCC offers a variety of fitness classes that will fill different needs. There are approximately 16 different classes, Shugart said.

“I think it’s different for everybody,” Shugart said. “It all matters what your goal is.”

If you want to burn fat, increase core strength and enjoy dance then you would attend the Theatrical Dance class.

If you want to get an energetic cardio workout, then you would attend the Cardio Kickboxing class.

The Group Fitness pass is being welcomed by the students, community members and faculty, Shugart said.

“We want to offer the best package we possibly can.”

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